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"You cannot go wrong with this management company. I have over 500 realtors in my company in San Antonio, and could only hope they could meet the professionalism of this management company. Whitney and Mandy respond immediately to my needs, and the needs of my tenants. They provide accounting reports correctly and timely. I rate them AAA."
- John Coach M., San Antonio, TX

"As an out of town owner, I am not able to attend to my rental home in Bridge City. Since day one, Ace Rental has taken care of every aspect of my property. Sometimes I forget that I own it. If there is a repair, they are quick to communicate with me. They are great at keeping incidentals to a minimum and my tenants love them. My checks always arrive on time and the statements are always clear and complete. Ace does what they say they will do and more. I would recommend Ace to anyone that wants to relieve themselves of the headaches of being a landlord. They are truly a blessing."
- Dean W., Hartville, OH

"I've been with Ace Rental Management for a couple of years now and they have always treated me with respect. They manage to maintain a high level of professionalism in conjunction with being friendly and easy-going. I truly feel as if a burden has been lifted off of my shoulders. I know they take care of my property and are always looking out for my best interest."
- Harry M., Nederland, TX

"I never intended to own rental property, but I found myself owning one and struggling to manage it from out of town. I contacted Ace and they have made the ownership experience painless and profitable. They professionally handle tenant issues. They make all the difference and I really appreciate their help."
- Philip F., Houston, TX

"In 2010 a job transfer resulted in my having to choose between selling my house at a loss or renting it out. I chose to rent it and selected a large management company that touted professionalism and a large rental portfolio. They were utterly incompetent and cost me way too much time and money. After a year of misery, I transferred management responsibilities to Ace Rental Mgt and could not have made a better decision. Whitney and Dawn are AMAZING to work with and are truly professionals. ACE quickly responds to owners and tenants alike to get the issue resolved. Do not make the same mistake I did, choose Ace from the beginning. Ace...I truly thank you for the great service!!!"
- KJS Bettendorf, IA.